Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Pooh sticks in the solent

The morning started bright and early with a west-going tide, a light breeze from the north with just a bit of east in it, and a fleet of bleary-eyed IDOR competitors jilling around just to the east of the start line. We got off to an indifferent start but made good time inshore on the island side before we blew it, going inshore for the Yarmouth-Hurst slingshot. This put us much further down the fleet.

From here the fun began. We skirted Hurst spit and arrived at the North Head buoy around 9.30 with the tide not due to turn east until 12.00, and the wind failing. We spent forever jousting off Hurst - as much time going backwards as upwind. The wind came and went but the upshot of it all was that only half a dozen boats finished inside the time and we were timed out within spitting distance of the finish line.

By then everybody was roasted in the sun and happy to knock racing on the head for the day. At 3.30 this was made official. Three or four boats including this club's Captain managed to find the bottom in an attempt to cheat the tide by going inshore.

A frustrating and hot day. Tomorrow looks cooler but not an windier, so the RTI has been canned and we are going to have as many short races as the wind allows.

Time for a few cold ones now.


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  1. Sounds like a frustrating day all round, especially to be timed out so close to the finish - hope tomorrow is livelier!