Friday, 5 June 2009

Dinner at eight

Last night something like 200 sailors assembled at the Royal Corinthian Yacht Club in Cowes to celebrate another successful IDOR and to award prizes. Matching crew shirts were widespread, and spirits were up. Prizes were awarded by CSSA Commodor Alex Allan, while "Mr IDOR" Pete Shuttleworth played master of ceremonies. Despite the cancellation of racing during the day many of the fleet had taken to the Solent and enjoyed the afternoon's breezes, while others had headed to the Folly or the creeks, so appetites were honed for a delicious meal centred on rack of lamb.

My crew were a bit disappointed by the potato ration but they'll be all the better for it in the next light wind regatta. They also expanded their culinary vocabulary to include such exotic terminology as "tian".

For me the highlight of the night was Trevor Drew auctioning off his foredeck crew in aid of the RNLI. I think £81 was raised. I should say that this wasn't a permanent arrangement - just a foredeck swap for Friday's racing. Great idea Trev.

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